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After watching the events in Colorado and similar acts of violence by teenagers, the editors of Spylopedia have decided to formulate a policy which will limit internet access through our website to those websites which "breed" anger and hatred.  The editors of Spylopedia deplore any group which uses the internet, or the information found on the internet, for violent or hate acts towards any individual or group of individuals. The internet should be used as a peaceful tool, for entertainment and education. 

Many of the sites posted on Spylopedia deal with violence.   These links were established on Spylopedia to provide its viewers and guests with factual information on the military, intelligence, espionage, and similar topics.   These sites generally do not promote violence or incite any individual to respond in a violent manner.  To these means, the editors of Spylopedia will not knowingly post a website that:

In simple terms, any site which incites violence for violent means such as those acts carried out by teenagers across the country in such schools in Colorado, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, will not be posted on Spylopedia.  Furthermore, anyone who contacts the editors of Spylopedia with threats of future violent acts or requesting information on hacking or other illegal activities will be turned over to the proper state or federal authorities. 

Spylopedia is a website designed to educate and perhaps entertain its guests and loyal fans.   We hope this policy announcements does not upset anyone.  Frankly those that are offended or upset by this announcement, we don't want you here.

Thank you very much

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