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For over fifteen years the FAS Space Policy Project has been a leading source of information and commentary on the intelligence community, with particular emphasis on intelligence agency budgets and satellite collection systems.
Columbia University Libaries U.S. Government Documents on The U.S. Intelligence Community
The purpose of the IASIW ( a virtual nongovernmental organization) is to facilitate an understanding of information warfare with reference to both military and civilian life.
The Security and Intelligence Studies Group
The purpose of the SISG is to promote the development of policy-orientated studies of intelligence and security services whilst drawing on the comparative and historical tradition.
Center for the Study of Intelligence
The Center for the Study of Intelligence supports research and publishing on the intelligence profession and its various disciplines and declassifies historical records related to US intelligence operations during the Cold War.
U.S Intelligence: Preparing for the 21st Century
Intelligence Resources Web Links
Loyola Homepage on Strategic Intelligence
The Uses and Misuses of Intelligence
Intelligence Students Association
Center for Defense Information
U.S. National Security Archive
Non-governmental organization which collects and publishes Freedom of Information Act materials.
Federation of American Scientists
The FAS engages in analysis and advocacy on science, technology and public policy for global security
Declassified Documents available from FOIA
Interesting [international] files that can be requested from the Army INSCOM by name and file number
Freedom of Information Act
Secrets of War Home Page
Site of the Secrets of War History Channel documentary.
The Intelligence Zone
Travel into the Future of Intelligence, Back into the Past or check out the Present State of Affairs by the click of your choice!
National Security.Org
The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis International Studies Center. This department conducts research and publishes papers on a wide variety of internationalpolitical, economic, and security issues.
Research Study Group
The RSG aims to study and record the United Kingdom's Cold War defense infrastructure: e.g. radar stations, secret bunkers, communications networks, civil defense plans and propaganda.
Center for International Policy- Intelligence Reform Program
A project to bring intelligence into the fold if public accountability and democratic process, and thereby make a significant contribution to the attainment of peace and international security.
NameBase Book Index
A searchable site to find books, articles, etc. on various topics related to intelligence/espionage/military
International Relations & Security Network
ISN is a one-stop information service in the fields of international relations and security.
National Security: Intelligence & Counter-Terrorism
Heritage Foundation site on intelligence articles
Center for Security Policy
Welcome to The Center for Security Policy World Wide Web Site, where real-time analyses of breaking security policy issues are just a click away.
Avalon Project
Avalon Project- A site for historical legal documents
Columbia University Documents Center
Columbia University Documents Center, includes documents on military, government, and foreign countries
Journal of Infrastuctural Warfare