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MILNET- Terrorism
Database on terrorism, terrorist groups, terrorist activities.
Covert Operations On-Line
A Study of Assassinations
A document that provides some interesting information on assassinations
MILNET- Special / Elite Force
A list of different Elite Forces throughout the world.
U.S. Information Agency Terrorism Issues Page
U.S. Department of State Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism
The Counterterrorism office coordinates all U.S. Government efforts to improve counterterrorism cooperation with foreign governments.
Hate Watch
HateWatch's Online Community Chat (HOCC) is similar to the old town square. Where the town square was a place to meet and discuss issues of current interest with neighbors and friends, HOCC is an online public forum where you can discuss issues relating to hate sites and bigotry online.
Special Operations.Com International Terrorist and Guerrilla Groups
The intent of this page is to provide unbiased reference material on international terrorist organizations.
International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism
The Policy Institute seeks international cooperation in the global struggle against terrorism, paving the way for multilateral action against terrorist networks, benefactors, and states sponsoring terrorism.
Terrorist Directory
Emergency Data Systems, Inc. develops risk management programs for domestic and international companies dealing with the risk of traveling, working and living in a foreign country. Areas covered include Crisis Management, Terrorism, Espionage, Communications, International Travel, Foreign Office and Residential Site Security.
Center for Democracy and Technolody Counter-Terrorism Issues page
Making sure civil liberties and the openness of the Internet are protected as Congress considers counter-terrorism measures.
Terrorism Research Center
The Terrorism Research Center is dedicated to informing the public of the phenomena of terrorism and information warfare. This site features essays and thought pieces on current issues, as well as links to other terrorism documents, research and resources.
National Security Institute's Terrorism page
Global Terrorism Decoded
All aspects of global terrorism are discussed in interviews with experts.
Political Terrorism Database
A world wide web database on political terrorism and violence.
From the office of the Federal Emergency Management Agency
Albanian Terrorism in Kosovo
"Who is Osama Bin Ladin? Marketing Terrorism"
An essay from the International Policy Institute on Counter-Terrorism.
PREEMPT Medical Counter-Terrorism, Inc.
Plannded Response Exercises and Emergency Medical PReparedness Training is a Not-For-Profit Corporate Organization founded for the express purpose of development, and training of Emergency Medical Personnel in, response protocols for/to foreign or domestic terrorist attacks using Chemical, Biological and/or Nuclear weapons.
Countering Terrorism
Terrorism and Arab-Israeli Conflict
From the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism
The Future of CyberTerrorism: Where the Physical and Virtual Worlds Converge
Air Commando! 1950-1975: Twenty-five Years at the Tip of the Spear
Terrorism Research Center
The following is an essay from the US Army's Command & General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The essay does an excellent job of explaining not only the basics of terrorism, but also details the US policy towards this phenomenon.