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Special Forces.Net
Solider of Fortune
U.S. Air Force Special Forces During the Cold War
Special Intelligence Agent, US Air Force, and his contributions to the Korean War
Covert Action Quarterly
U.S. Army Special Forces
To Be A Warrior (Special Forces Web Links)
Eighth Army Special Operations in the Korean War
African National Congress Manual for Covert Actions   gopher://
Steve McGarret's Paramilitary Special Ops Page
Covert Operations On-Line
A Study of Assassinations
A document that provides some interesting information on assassinations
MILNET- Special / Elite Force
A list of different Elite Forces throughout the world.
Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare
Special Operations.Com
Extensive site with special forces and intelligence related links
US Naval Special Warfare Archives
"Shadow Warriors" article
Article from the Veteran's of Foreign Wars magazine
USAF Special Tactics
Complete and detailed information on USAF Special Tactics, Pararescue and Combat Control.
1276 North: Unofficial 1st Ranger Battalion
The Unofficial Bravo Company Home Page
75th Ranger Regiment Association
This site is updated often, and contains the latest information from the 75th Ranger Regiment Association. Sign up, and become a member online, or purchase some goodies from the quartermaster store
Brotherhood of Rangers
Gil's site provides the latest information concerning Operation Overlord 98
Airborne Ranger.Com
This website is for posting your images, stories, drawings, artwork and anything else you want everyone to see about your experience, being, or knowing RANGERS. I hope that everyone will participate in this little adventure and post some great stories for us all to enjoy.
Combined U.S. Military Ranger Associations
House's Ranger HomePage
Long Range Surveillance
Ranger Stories from Hell
Ranger Training Brigade
Another Ranger page
Airborne Ranger
The US Army Rangers provide units of well-disciplined soldiers who possess the knowledge and courage to operate on their own, deep behind enemy lines.
U.S. Army Ranger Association
Eric's Navy SEALs Site
Special Warfare Web Page
Look here for information on SEALs, the SAS, Delta Force, and other elite units the world over.
Navy SEALs Homepage
This on-line adventure is dedicated to those men who have gone where most men don't dare... To those men who do what most men won't ... and to those who have laid down their lives in the service of their country and for their fellow NCDU/UDT/SEAL swim buddy.
LOTI Group's Navy SEAL Team website
Jim Thede's USAF Pararescue Homepage
Marine Expeditionary Units
With a strength of about 2,200 personnel, the MEU is normally built around a reinforced battalion, a composite aircraft squadron, and by a MEU Service Support group.
Force Recon
Scout/Sniper Plt. 2/23
"Overlord" Special Forces & Counter-Terrorism
Dedicated to Freedom, the focus of this site is to bring you information on Special Forces, Counter Terrorism Units, Special Operations from around the world, and the state of Freedom as we know it today.
Australian Special Forces Site
Britain's Elite Fighting Force
This site is dedicated to the Worlds Greatest Special Force unit
British Special Air Service
Special Forces.Net