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MILNET- Weapons
Providing a comprehensive authorial database to sort through the technology and products of the U.S. military complex.
High Energy Weapons Archive: A Guide to Nuclear Weapons
A large database related to nuclear weapons- past, present, and future.
Israel's Nuclear Weapons- A Case Study
Paper on Israel's nuclear weapons
Nuclear Weapons Web Sites
Extensive list of nuclear weapons sites, mainly related to non-proliferation.
More Nuclear Weapons Web Site
Extensive list of nuclear weapons sites.
Office of Nonproliferation and National Security
The Office of Nonproliferation and National Security is responsible for all of the Department of Energy's activities relating to nonproliferation, nuclear safeguards and security, classification and declassification, and emergency management.
Trinity Atomic Web Site
The Bombshell
"Devoted to running news and commentary about the book "Bombshell: The Secret Story of America's
Unknown Atomic Spy Conspiracy," By Joseph Albright and Marcia Kunstel (Times Books, 1997)"
Race for the Superbomb
American Experience PBS series companion site explores a top secret US Cold War program to build a weapon more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Japan.
The Pershing Weapon System
The increased range and pinpoint accuracy of the PERSHING II were major factors influencing the Soviet Union's decision to seek the Treaty on Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces in which the United States and the USSR agreed to eliminate an entire class of nuclear missiles.
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
NGO that covers wide range of political topics including nuclear weapons, international security, the military, the arms
trade, and the nuclear industry.
Russia's Nuclear Arsenal
Frontline report on the safety and security of Russia's nuclear forces.
MILNET: Nuclear Weapons
NASA site on Nuclear Weapons
Nuclear War Survival Guide
Nuclear Resources
Federation of American Scientists resource guide on nuclear weapons
Nuclear Weapons Information Area
Project on Managing the Atom
The Managing the Atom Project is a multi-year effort to address two key aspects of these complex questions: (1) the intersections between nuclear energy and nuclear weapons, and (2) democratic governance in nuclear decision-making.
The U.S. Nuclear Weapons Cost Study Project
The Internet and the Bomb
A Research Guide to Policy and Information about Nuclear Weapons
Usenet group- Nuclear Weapons alt.war.nuclear
SDI Information Website
Basic information about the Strategic Defense Initiative.
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Research & Development Program
This site provides access to data products and other information, especially reports, regarding our full-scope effort to develop
technologies and analysis algorithms for monitoring the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty.
Cooperative Threat Reduction Program
The CTR Program provides assistance to eligible states of the former Soviet Union to help dismantle their weapons of mass destruction arsenals.
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
Under its enabling statute, (Public Law 100-456) the Board is responsible for independent, external oversight of all activities in DOE's nuclear weapons complex affecting nuclear health and safety
Office of Defense Programs
The mission of Defense Programs is to ensure the safety, reliability, and performance of nuclear weapons without underground nuclear testing.
Saddam and the Bomb
All of Iraq's nuclear scientists are still in place. None of the nuclear-bomb components they built before the Gulf War have been found. If Iraq could steal or buy plutonium or bomb-grade uranium, Saddam could have the Bomb in short order.