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Australian Institute for Professional Intelligence Officers
Parliamentary Joint Committee on Australian Security Intelligence Organization


Royal Canadian Mounted Police Information Technology Security Branch
Canadian Security Intelligence Review Committee
Canadian Communications Security Establishment
Canadian Forces School of Intelligence and Security
Canadian Forces War, Peace, and Security WWW Server
Canadian Security Intelligence Service
The people of the CSIS are dedicated to the protection of Canada's national security interests and the safety of Canadians.
Canada's Defence Research & Development Branch
Royal Canadian Police- Air India Disaster
Security Review Intelligence Committee
In 1984, the Security Intelligence Review Committee, usually called 'SIRC', was established as an independent body to review the activities of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, usually called 'CSIS'.


China Defense Links
Chinese Security Homepage


U.S.S.R. KGB Archives  gopher://
Archives of the KGB
The State of the Russian Navy Data Page
A personal homepage collecting all sorts of data on the Russian Navy.


United Kingdom's Security Service (MI5)
British Government Comunications Headquarters
GCHQ Cheltenham is the centre for Her Majesty's Government's Signal Intelligence (Sigint) activities.  
British National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS)
Organization aims to combat top echelons of crime and seeks the ultimate arrest or disruption of major criminals in the UK.
MI5 Records Released
Official MI5 records released through the Public Record Office
National Criminal Intelligence Service
The NCIS is at the forefront of the fight against serious and organized crime in the United Kingdom and throughout the world.
Exposing a campaign of persecution by the security services of the United Kingdom
Secret Kingdom
Interesting facts about the intelligence agencies and community of the United Kingdom
The Security and Intelligence Studies Group
Specialist Group of the UK Political Studies Association


U.S. State Department Individual Country Reports  gopher://
Background notes on countries
German Security Services
(In German- Germany national security agency) German Bundesamt fuer Verfassungsschutz / Counterintel
U.S. CIA Individual Country Reports  gopher://
CIA World Factbook for each country
Greek Armed Forces Page
Israeli Department of Defence Archives
Official website for the International Criminal Police Organization
Spanish Intelligence
(in spanish) Spanish Defense Intelligence
Portuguese Domestic Intelligence
(in Portuguese)
French Intelligence
(unofficial site) La Direction Générale de la Sécurité