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Book Review: White Tigers in North Korea
Account of a Special Intelligence Agent, US Air Force, and his contributions to the Korean War
Korean War Guerrillas Handbook
The Death of Che Guevara
Declassified documents into the death of Che Guevara, tied to the CIA
Eighth Army Special Operations in the Korean War
Popular Education In The Salvadoran Guerrilla Army
Contra Guerrilla Handbook
A tactical manual  published by the Central Intelligence Agency & distributed to the Contras in Central America
Historical Information of the Cold War
Info on the Cold War, including espionage
Master Spy- Rudolf Abel
History of Espionage
A personal page- The History of Espionage, an easy, linkable reference to Spies
(who got caught), their Agencies,Equipment and the Events that surrounded them.
American Women Spies
Through the ages spying developed into an art form and no one was better at it than women.
The Cambridge Spies
There have been no more successful, more dramatically impressive spies than a group of Englishmen who all met at Trinity College, Cambridge University in the 1930s.
Eli Cohen- Israeli spy
Biographical story of famous Israeli spy Eli Cohen who has hanged in Syria
Gary Powers advocacy group
Advocacy and Intelligence Index for POW-MIA presents the account of the Francis Gary Powers case.
Spy in the Sky companion website
companion web site to the PBS/WGBH series program on the U2 spy plane the capture of Francis Gary Powers.
Biography of Gary Francis Powers

The Day That Francis Gary Powers Was Shot Down
Article from VEILS Magazine May 1, 1997

Russian account of U-2 spy plane incident with Gary Powers
The Rosenbergs from the Crime Library
"Ex-spy offers Rosenberg account"
news report claiming that while Julius was a spy his wife, Ethel, was innocent.
Trial of the Rosenbergs
from the Famous American Trial series at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.
Women of the OSS
Female spies rendered valuable service to the OSS in the days following the invasion of Southern France.
Cold War Espionage
Companion Website to the CNN documentary "Cold War"
Cold War Spies and Espionage
chronology of events in cold war espionage.
History of the KGB
True Spy Stories
Rudolf Abel Soviet Spy information
Supreme Court decision in regards to evidence obtained in the Rudolf Abel case.
The Hollow Nickel Case
The story of how the FBI caught Soviet Spy Rudolf Abel.
Bibliographical page on Soviet spy, Rudolf Abel
The Cold War Museum
The Cold War Museum is a charitable organization dedicated to education, preservation, and research on the global, ideological, and political confrontations between East and West from the end of World War II to the
dissolution of the Soviet Union.
"Spy in the Sky" companion web site to the PBS/WGBH series program on the U2 spy plan
Espionage: Why Does it Happen?
An article from the Security Awareness Bulletin
FBI's Freedom of Information material related to espionage
Its purpose is to provide guidelines for KUBARK interrogation, and particularly the counterintelligence interrogation of resistant sources. Designed as an aid for interrogators and others immediately concerned, it is based largely upon the published results of extensive research, including scientific inquiries conducted by specialists in closely related subjects.
"A Century of Spies"
The first chapter of "A Century of Spies" By Jeffrey T. Richelson. Excellent book for background and historical view of espionage. Printed originally in the Washington Post
"WHY SPY? The Uses and Misuses of Intelligence"
An article from the CATO Institute- "WHY SPY? The Uses and Misuses of Intelligence" by Stanley Kober
University of New Hampshire Library Special Collections
Intelligence & Espionage collections