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Personal Diary of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Battle of Mogadishu
Military History Institute
Bosnia: Uncertain Paths to Peace
War, Peace, and Security Guide


42nd Field Artillery Brigade In Desert Storm
photos, and brief history of the 42nd Bde and 3/20 FA.
The 432nd Civil Affairs Company in Operation Desert Storm
"From Green Bay to the Persian Gulf" is the official history of the 432nd Civil Affairs Company during the Gulf War.
Gulf War: Excerpts from Alex & Mary's Diary....
The following is a chronology of the main events in Iraq's confrontation with the UN since 1991 Gulf War.
Desert is a site created by a student to honor those who participated in Operation Desert-Storm.
Fog Of War Memorial Site
Article site marking the anniversary of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. From the Washington Post.
A Desert Storm Friendly Fire Incident and Cover-Up
Frontline- the Gulf War
Extensive site on the Persian Gulf War
Gulf War
Gulf War Chronicales
The gulf war day by day as chronicled by jamal munshi
Gulf War Photo Gallery
Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses
Mistakes of the Gulf War
A student essay suggesting that miscalculations and mistakes led to Saddam maintaining his regime.
Gulf War Debriefing Book