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Contra Guerrilla Handbook
A tactical manual  published by the Central Intelligence Agency & distributed to the Contras in Central America
Master Spy- Rudolf Abel
Gary Powers advocacy group
Advocacy and Intelligence Index for POW-MIA presents the account of the Francis Gary Powers case.
Spy in the Sky companion website
companion web site to the PBS/WGBH series program on the U2 spy plane the capture of Francis Gary Powers.
Biography of Gary Francis Powers

The Day That Francis Gary Powers Was Shot Down
Article from VEILS Magazine May 1, 1997

Russian account of U-2 spy plane incident with Gary Powers
The Rosenbergs from the Crime Library
Trial of the Rosenbergs
from the Famous American Trial series at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.
History of the KGB
True Spy Stories
American Woman Spies
American Women Spies- Brief article on women spies in American History
Cambridge Spies
Cambridge Spies- A history of one of Britain's most infamous spy rings. Guy Francis De Moncy Burgess, Anthony F. Blunt, Donald Maclean, and Harold Adrian Russell "Kim" Philby traded British secrets to the Soviets during WWII.
Rudolf Abel Soviet Spy information
Supreme Court decision in regards to evidence obtained in the Rudolf Abel case.
The Hollow Nickel Case
The story of how the FBI caught Soviet Spy Rudolf Abel.
Bibliographical page on Soviet spy, Rudolf Abel
The Cold War Museum
The Cold War Museum is a charitable organization dedicated to education, preservation, and research on the global, ideological, and political confrontations between East and West from the end of World War II to the
dissolution of the Soviet Union.
"Ex-spy offers Rosenberg account"
Ex-spy tells how wife of infamous spy was innocent. A news report claiming that while Julius was a spy his wife, Ethel, was innocent.
Timeline on Cold War Espionage
Cold War Espionage- Timeline chronology of events in cold war espionage.
The Berlin Wall
Includes background, construction, measurements, and its fall.
Chris De Witt's Berlin Home Page
Welcome to the eighth edition of my site all about the Berlin Wall, my own 'Postcards from the Cutting Edge' of Cold War politics. As usual, all the previous editions are still available in the 'Archive' section.
The Fall of the Berlin Wall
Includes a timeline of events as well as background on the social and political impact.
History of the Berlin Wall in Text and Pictures
For 28 years, the Berlin Wall separated friends, families, and a nation.
Cold War International History Project
Cold War Policies
Includes information on all aspects of the cold war from Yalta to Glasnost and beyond.
Cold War Submarine Foundation
A site to honor the men of the Cold War Submarine Force.
Cold War Warrior Site
This website is dedicated to the millions of military, civil service, and civilian men and women in the Western world who over the course of 45 years contributed to the downfall of communism in the Soviet Union and the subsequent end of the Cold War as we know it.
Cold War: Postwar Estrangement
An essay from the Soviet Archives Exhibit.
Cold War Spies & Espionage
Cold War Spies & Espionage- Companion site to the CNN Cold War Series
The Diefenbunker
Canada's Cold War Museum - site is a bunker that was built in 1959-1961 to house Canada's leaders in the event of a nuclear attack.
The Early Warning Connection
This site is our attempt to make it easier for everyone interested in Early Warning history to find the resources that are available.
Recently declassified U.S. government documents disclose one of the Cold War's deepest secrets, that during the most dangerous phases of the U.S.-Soviet confrontation top military commanders had presidentially-authorized instructions providing advance authority to use nuclear weapons under specified emergency conditions.
Harvard Project on Cold War Studies
The HPCWS promotes archival research in former East-bloc countries and seeks to expand and enrich what is known about Cold War events and themes.
Cold War Survey
Essay on the major events that shaped the war.
Berlin Airlift History
This photographic retrospective is dedicated to those who were there and those who served.
Berlin Airlift Veteran's Association
A non-profit organization of men and women who served the Berlin Airlift.
14 Days in October: Cuban Missile Crisis
Collective Memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis
Cuban Missile Crisis
This homepage is dedicated to the Cuban Missile Crisis. There is information, pictures and links (html, ftp, and gopher) to other sites on this subject. Cuban Missile Crisis was one of the most important conflicts of the cold war period.
Declassified Materials: Cuban Missile Crisis
The site has a collection of declassified U.S. government documents through the systematic use of the Freedom of Information Act.
Executive Committee Meeting
An unofficial partial transcript of the events in the White House in 1962
Cuban Missile Crisis Historical Texts
Mississippi State University Historical Text Archives
CIA Critique on Bay of Pigs
SCATHING CIA CRITIQUE ON BAY OF PIGS DECLASSIFIED Withheld 36 years, IG Report Blasts CIA Handling of Cuba Invasion