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Spy-Lopedia is for entertainment and research purposes only.  Any information found through broswing this site is public domain and should not be used for illegal means or actions.  The publishers of Spy-Lopedia do not assume any responsibility for the information found in the links contained within.  Any questions or comments about individuals webpages that are listed within Spy-Lopedia should be directed to their respective owners.


Welcome, yet again, to another revised and remodeled Spylopedia site!  The editors of Spylopedia have been working on making the website more user-friendly.   Don't know if it's working but it's been fun trying!

Spylopedia has a new look.  The interface remains the same as above; however, the most popular and newsworthy links are found in the left hand column of the main page.  Give us your feedback on the new style!

After viewing the news over the past several days in regard to the horrible events in Colorado, the Spylopedia editors have forumlated a very strict policy which will benefit everyone.  Spylopedia will not knowingly link to any website that contains objectionable material.  Check here for that policy statement.

Spylopedia deplores the use of violence similar to that seen in the Colorado high school in April 1999.  The editors will do everything within their power to limit access to websites which "breed" this type of violence.

The main editor of Spylopedia is getting married the first week in May!  This page may not be updated again till the end of May, but please keep sending those links and feedback.

NOTE: We are still looking for graphics!  We are looking for graphics or other multimedia forms of any size, shape, etc that are related to intelligence / spying / espionage / military... etc.  Please, if you have any graphics, please e-mail them to us ASAP:

We're looking for a graphics designer who could possible make the interfaces and overall graphical look of this page stand out.  I can't offer much except banner space.  If you're interested, e-mail us:

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Spy Book: The Encyclopedia of Espionage
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Spy Book: The Encyclopedia of Espionage
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Kosovo Ground Troops

Should NATO send ground troops into Kosovo?

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Thrillers and Espionage
The Spylopedia editors have compiled a list of recommended espionage related books. Check out Barnes and Noble Booksellers On-Line at Spylopedia.